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The Log Home Builders Association class workbook.

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The official Log Home Builders Association workbook.  This is version 3.2.0 (or higher), which has been updated as of 2018 with tons of new chapters, diagrams, and pictures.manual-for-log-homes

What is in the Association’s Log Home Construction Workbook? The workbook includes: Dozens of diagrams, drawings, photos and charts of all of the important elements of log home construction. The manual is updated periodically to account for code changes, engineering information and advances in technology. The manual includes detailed notes on all aspects of the log home construction process. You should still plan to take lots of notes during your class, but the bulk of the “tedious” work has been done for you!

Major log home construction styles detailed, how to buy logs for the lowest price, how to get logs for free, foundations, roofing, rafters, floors, building log walls, finishing your home, chinking, and lifting logs A hard copy of the Association’s “Million Dollar Rolodex”, a catalog of numerous resources for log home builders. The Association’s “perfect” log home floor plan. Our guide to tree species typically used in log home construction, and various properties of each species (strength, decay resistance, shrinkage, weight, etc). Our professionally-engineered span tables for rafter spans (both log and rough-cut), log ridge pole spans, floor joist spans (both log and rough-cut), and deck joist allowable spans and cantilever.

The class manual also has hundreds of pages of articles on topics such as: heating with wood, radiant floor heating, windows and skylights, radiant barriers, landscaping for energy efficiency, insulating foundations, and many more. And we include information on plumbing and electrical that is specific to log homes (we can’t make you a plumber or electrician in a two-day log home class, but we will cover how to adapt traditional plumbing and wiring techniques to log homes.  Most of our members subcontract plumbing and electrical work to licensed plumbers/electricians, so we also cover how to do that for the lowest cost).

Older versions of this workbook came with a reference CD. The latest versions (v3.0 and higher) have the reference material incorporated as appendices and no longer come with a CD.

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