Wolfsnout dust mask

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The amazing Wolfsnout dust mask.

Amazing because it is comfortable, doesn’t fog glasses, and is washable/reusable.

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The incredible Wolfsnout!

An extremely comfortable dust mask.  Designed to block dust, yet allow you to breathe freely and comfortable.

What makes the Snout so awesome?

  • Comfort.  Soft foam and a single strap (that isn’t too tight).
  • Durability.  Double and triple layers and securely sealed together parts.
  • Washable! Don’t go through boxes of masks, instead just wash and reuse this one.
  • Won’t fog protective goggles or glasses due to special ‘under nose’ design.’

Why the LHBA sells Wolfsnout masks:

We were working on the Peter Project, where LHBA members jumped in to help on the house of a fellow member who has a terminal disease.

LHBA member Ron (forum name loghousenut) wore a Wolfsnout while manning the mortar mixer.  Ron raved about how awesome his Wolfsnout worked, and how much better it was than a normal dust mask.

Ron wears his Wolfsnout to mix mortar, while Dale (localfiend) grabs a bucket of mud for the chinking crew

He said it was super comfortable, durable, easy to wash, and didn’t fog his glasses.  Well, after hearing all that we at the LHBA had to give it a try and we concur, it’s an awesome product.




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1 review for Wolfsnout dust mask

  1. loghousenut

    This is the only dust mask I will ever use for the rest of my life. Fits in a way that you would never have guessed would work, but try it once and you’ll never go back to those nasty disposable paper masks. I think what I like the most about Wolfsnout is that I can wear glasses and they never fog up like they ALWAYS did with paper masks. Easy to clean and I can imagine mine lasting many years. Not cumbersome like every other reusable mask, I wear this thing five times as often as I have ever worn any other type of mask. Works mowing, grinding, milling, chainsawing, polishing, sanding, and offroading. This is a must have tool that will make you live longer and blow the snot out of your nose less often.

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