No Trespassing Signs

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Our effective no trespassing signs.  Based on the Constitution, case law and codes these signs can be extremely effective.

Buy now during our “prepare for social unrest sale.”

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As advocates for rural living, we are passionate about private property rights.  We believe that every person should have the option to avoid a 30-year mortgage by building a dirt cheap log home, and every person deserves to have their land remain inviolable — to the full extent allowed under the law and natural Rights.

We have spent several years doing research on this topic for a forthcoming book.  We have used the fruits of that research as the basis for creating what we believe are the most effective Keep Out Signs in America.

How effective are these signs?  We’ve heard from people saying they have keep personnel from the following agencies off private property:

  • Code enforcement officers
  • Local police department officers
  • Sheriff deputies
  • ATF agents
  • DEA agents
  • Process servers
  • Et cetera

You can read about how James and Patti keep a code enforcement officer off their property using these signs.

Or how another person kept census workers off his land, and you can see the hilarious notes they left on his gate.

For the record, we do not advocate illegal behavior.  On the contrary we wholeheartedly believe in following every single lawful restriction placed on free citizens.  Respecting those restrictions makes for a polite society, and respect should always flow in two directions.

Sold as a set of 2 (one of each sign).  For maximum effect we recommend posting both signs, since they cover slightly different elements of the law.

Signs are 18″x24″. They are printed on corrugated plastic board using UV resistant ink. Signs might be slightly different than pictured.

 keep-out-sign-effective constitutional-keep-out-sign










The special “get ready for social unrest” sale:

  • $5 discount
  • Free shipping
  • Free bonus sign* (while supplies last).  New for 2014, this sign has language that specifically addresses Census workers.  It also allows for special exemptions (i.e. allowing the Fire Department onto your property in case of a fire).


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