Plans package: garage and shed


Garage and shed package.

Study plans set

Check the box below if you would also like a full printed study set available on 11×17″ paper. It is a very large printed bundle of all of the floor plans, elevations, schematics, etc., that are on the CD. There is an extra charge for the study set.

The study plans set is optional, but many builders find them useful for quickly finding/browsing what is included on the CD.

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We offer a garage and shed package.  Many Association members build a practice shed before they build their full sized log home.  And a log garage just looks great next to a full sized butt and pass log home.  Here are the details:


The garage measures 28×28′ and has two doors. The foundation is a slab with stem wall and traditional footer. This design includes bracing so that you can support your garage doors and electric door opener (if desired).

It also comes with a rough electrical layout with the locations of switches, lights, outlets, etc.

The garage is big enough to fit two cars and still have enough room for a workshop in the back, and plenty of storage space. You might also add a loft for additional storage. The garage plans do not include a loft design but it should be fairly easy to add.


The storage shed measure 14.5×14.5′. Note that if you live in an area that uses the International Residential Code (IRC), this is the maximum size building you can build without a permit. Of course some jurisdictions can create additional restrictions, so check with your jurisdictional authorities before construction.


The garage and shed plans are included free with either the 35×35 or 40×40 stock plan packages.

The garage and shed plans can also be purchased along with the 30×30 plans package for an additional $400.

Note: The garage and shed plans are not available for sale alone.


Both the garage and shed plans include the following.

  • You get full construction plans (not just “floor plans”).  These are very detailed, and easy to follow, construction diagrams and schematics
  • You get lifetime reuse rights.  Use these same plans to build as many homes as you want, without ever paying for another license to use
  • Cross sections
  • Roofing plan
  • Rough electrical schematic
  • General specifications sheet
  • A basic materials list. You will add to this list, depending on which second floor plan you decide to use
  • A set of 11″x17″ study plans, so that you can immediately see what is on the CD
  • Complete AutoCAD files on a disk.  That means these plans can be modified by any draftsman, architect or engineer.  Some Association members who prefer to do modifications themselves have used things like Punch software to open the AutoCAD files
  • PDF files, or Kinko’s KDF files, are also included.  You can take the CD to any Kinko’s and have them print out full-size construction documents to turn in to your jurisdiction. You can also take the AutoCAD files to any blueprint shop for prints



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