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  • Our 40×40 plans package is much more than a single log home plan.  You could make 7 different homes using the included floor plan and foundation options
  • Our package also includes the actual AutoCAD files, PDF files, lifetime re-use rights, and free updates.
  • As an added bonus you receive a set of 11×17 study plans
  • You also get the garage and shed plans for at no additional cost.

Study plans set

Check the box below if you would also like a full printed study set available on 11×17″ paper. It is a very large printed bundle of all of the floor plans, elevations, schematics, etc., that are on the CD. There is an extra charge for the study set.

The study plans set is optional, but many builders find them useful for quickly finding/browsing what is included on the CD.

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C:Documents and SettingsChris CornellMy DocumentsBUILDING PL C:Documents and SettingsChris CornellMy DocumentsBUILDING PL 3b second floor plan h 4 front elevation stemwall 5 rear stemwall C:Documents and SettingsChris CornellMy DocumentsBUILDING PL 7 front elevation basement stockplain 1- 3d-rendering-smaller C:Documents and SettingsChris CornellMy DocumentsBUILDING PL C:Documents and SettingsChris CornellMy DocumentsBUILDING PLThese are our very popular 40×40 “stock” log home plans, available exclusively to Association members..


  • The complete stock 40×40 plans package is $1700.  Read below for the full package details.


  • You get full construction plans (not just “floor plans”).  These are very detailed, and easy to follow, construction diagrams and schematics
  • You get lifetime reuse rights.  Use these same plans to build as many homes as you want, without ever paying for another license to use
  • You get free updates on CD.  These plans are updated periodically, usually after a major revision to building codes.
  • You get the actual AutoCAD files, so any Architect or Draftsman can easily modify the plans
  • The CD comes with two complete sets of plans, plus three foundation options (piers, inverted T-footer with crawlspace, and a full basement).


  • Two story log home, floor plan A — with 3 foundation options
  • Two story log home, floor plan B — wirh 3 foundation options
  • Bonus second floor plan for version B
  • All of the homes are 40’x40” with walls that are about 20′ tall

There are a total of 7 different log homes that could be made from this plans package.  Just ‘mix and match’ from the various floor plan and foundation options to create the plan that works best for you.


  • Exterior elevations
  • Three separate foundation plans (pier blocks, a continuous foundation with crawlspace, and full basement)
  • Detailed floor plans (several variations)
  • Cross sections
  • Roofing plan
  • Rough electrical schematic
  • General specifications sheet
  • A basic materials list. You will add to this list, depending on which second floor plan you decide to use.
  • A set of 11″x17″ study plans, so that you can immediately see what is on the CD.
  • Complete AutoCAD files on a disk.  That means these plans can be modified by any draftsman, architect or engineer.  Some Association members who prefer to do modifications themselves have used things like Punch software to open the AutoCAD files.
  • PDF files, or Kinko’s KDF files, are also included.  You can take the CD to any Kinko’s and have them print out full-size construction documents to turn in to your jurisdiction. You can also take the AutoCAD files to any blueprint shop for prints.


  • These plans do not include detailed plumbing/electrical/HVAC plans, but it is very common for plumbing/electrical/HVAC contractors to create these for you.
  • Our plans DO include an electrical layout showing the suggested location for switches, outlets, lights, smoke detectors, etc., and this is probably all you will need to get the initial building permit. Check with your local jurisdiction to find out what is required.
  • These plans call for a direct-vent wall furnace (similar to the one that heats Skip’s 7,000 square-foot log home) so you will probably not need much in the way of a heating plan, although if you live in a warmer climate you may need a plan for central air conditioning. Your HVAC contractor should be able to supply one if it is required by your jurisdiction.
  • Your jurisdiction may require an engineer’s approval before they issue a building permit for these plans. There is no shortcut for this, as most jurisdictions require a “wet signature” from an engineer. If you need an engineer, send us an e-mail and we’ll try to help you find some engineers that are licensed for your jurisdiction.


  • You can click on the thumbnails at the top of this page to see a larger version of our first floor plans, as well as a couple of elevations.
  • Please note that these are just floor plans. Our plans CD includes full construction drawings, not just floor plans.
  • Our plans have no load-bearing internal walls, so if you don’t like the floor plan that we’ve chosen you can easily move things around.


Purchase the 40×40 plans package, and recieve free garage and shed plans (a $400 value).  This garage and shed package includes:

  • A two car log garage that is 28’x28′.  This has a standard slab on grade style garage floor.
  • A 14.5×14.5′ storage building. This practice shed was designed to replicate, as closely as possible, the building of a full sized B&P log home.  Note that if you live in an area that uses the International Residential Code (IRC), this is the maximum size building you can build without a permit. Of course some jurisdictions can create additional restrictions, so check with your jurisdictional authorities before construction.
  • Visit the garage and shed page to view the elevations.

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